Sunday, November 22, 2009

After 3 months....

I don't have the courage to talk about my family, especially my mum when my friends and I hang out together, having lunch. It's has been 3 months since I arrive here. 3 months before I fly, I always with my mum, with my naughty little brother... We are always together... Right now, I really miss them... I never been like this before. I really hope I can control it. My luvly frenz, when we will meet again...

Mak n Abah Mak Tam n Iffat
Mariam n Abyan

Q n Durga Naqiu n Q

Addin Ibie
Abiq Zahirah

MiSs U All so MuCh!!!!

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★mariam badidu★ said...

ZAYYY!! I miss you too :)

Naqiu said...