Sunday, May 3, 2009

MOC '09

Muslim Overseas Camp 2009

Date: Late July/early August
Participant: Overseas-bound A-Level students

The objectives:
  1. To deepen the understanding on the fundamentals of tauhid, aqidah, and ibadah in Islam.
  2. To shape students towards becoming more versatile to change, more dynamic and more equipped to face challenges especially in foreign countries.
  3. To give optimum exposure on conditions in the UK, Australia, US etc based on seniors' experiences.
  4. To bring forth and discuss recurring issues to gain sufficient knowledge on wider spectrum.

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MOC committee is looking for any kind of contribution to make this camp a success. All contribution can be made directly to As-Saad Musolla account 

0806-80-1000-3952 [Bank Islam]

If you have any further enquiry, feel free to send us an email at


or kindly contact us at

[017 2063 646
Mr. Iman

[014 5088 622] Miss Amirah Roslan

We are looking forward for your contribution, call and email.
Thank you

p/s: If you have a blog then give us a mention, help us to spread the word about MOC! ;) Thanks!

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deynarashid said...

insyaAllah, akan promote di blog nnt =)

Huzayfah Hafas said...

Tq, deynarashid...
Boleh tahu siapa ni??? =)

deynarashid said...

eh, link blog saya ada kat side bar awk tu under 'senior' hehehe.. super senior awk kat kyuem dulu :) kawan aqilah kat lester :)

Huzayfah Hafas said...

kak rushdina ye..
kat MLC dlu kn??
tq krn ziarah...